Dreams of White Tiles . . .



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My landlord phones up once every three months, which coincidentally is how often I pay rent. She also happens to phone about two days after the rent is due, usually to check something is working. In winter, it’s ‘Is the heating working ok?’ and I’ll say yes it is thanks, when would you like to come round and collect the rent and she’ll say ‘Oh, the rent . . . I completely forgot, I’ll come round tomorrow’ and then she’ll collect the rent and I won’t hear from her for exactly three months, when she’ll suddenly decide to phone up and check the toilet is flushing ok.


与非门’s 快乐园 and others

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Currently enjoying and recommending 与非门 and their mellowish bland of electronicky music. Try 快乐元, and then pick some at random from this Baidu.com Mp3 search (bet that’s something Google’s jealous of)

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