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Audit Article Vocab

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Vocab I got from reading a 南方周末 article suggesting the Audit Department become responsible to the People’s Congress (hey, it was a slow day at work…)

It’s not all completely new to me – some of it is stuff I recognize but don’t know how to use, or could read but didn’t know how to pronounce, so on . . .

涉及(shj) – relating to, involving
轰动(hōngdng) – a stir, a fuss
逼近(bījn) – approaching, gaining on
媲美(pměi) – compare (favourably) with
值得一提(zhde yī t) – worth mentioning, noting
舆论(yln) – public opinion
由衷(yuzhōng) – sincere, from the heart
赞叹(zntn) – high praise, admiration
烘托(hōngtuō) – set off, contrast with
问责(wn z) – to find the responsible people, hold the guilty to account. Mainly used in corruption cases
履行(lǚxng) – carry out, perform
藉此(jicǐ) – in order to (can be 借此)
隶属(lshǔ) – subordinate to
法理(fǎlǐ) – legal principles
顺畅(shnchng) – smoothly, without hinderance
执行(zhxng) – administer, execute
有心无力(yǒuxīnwl) – to have the will but not the power
尴尬(gāng) – awkward, embarrassed
赋予(fyǔ) – endow, entrust
划归(huguī) – put under, incorporate into
势必(shb) – certainly will
廉政(linzhng) – good honest government

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