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The Great Liver Protecting Drink – Baijiu!

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Advertisers are always going to inflate their products ability a little bit. I’ve seen TV spots for some kind of growth formula which claimed to be able to add 6 inches to the spine of any tiny teenager, and drunk green tea that cured radiation sickness (which, to be fair, I haven’t yet suffered from.)

You’d expect manufacturers to stick within the expected limits of their products though. Instant noodles – taste good. Pens – write smoothly. Cars – keep you comfortable when stuck in traffic jams.

So how to build up Maotai, China’s top brand of baijiu? Tastes good? A smooth and sophisticated fragrance? Leaves the glasses cleaner than when you poured it in, and possibly thinner too? No. They decided to claim it protects the liver. A product consisting mainly of pure alcohol and a nice bottle. Protects the liver.

The best bit is, somebody felt it necessary to disprove this.

The research group selected 56 male rats, divided them randomly into 7 groups and carried out a stomach-pouring experiment. Of these, 5 groups were given either Maotai, XO . . .

Happiest rats in China, though it didn’t do their liver any good. Article is here, and it does actually make some real points about fake academic results being used in advertising to go along with the images of drunk rats.

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  1. 呵呵,茅台保护肝脏是扯淡,中国人民还不是那么好偏的)

    Comment by liuzhiyu — 10/25/2004 @ 11:51 pm

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