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Let me count the ways

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I’d seen baijiu (like vodka, without the smooth taste) in plastic bags before (on the left). You get milk in bags in loads of countries it seems, but I’m not sure how widespread this form of packaging is for strong spirits.

I’m not convinced by beverages in bags though. It dribbles, it’s difficult to put down without getting your table wet, and who really wants to suck a drink out of something soft and squishy?

I’m therefore please to welcome onto the market and on the right, the new contender, InstacupTM, for those of us too sophisticated for a bag and too disorganised to have a glass handy. Simply buy, pull off the lid, and there you have it. A glass of baijiu, ready to clink and drink. Genius.

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  1. In Japan, there are vending machines where you can buy similar disposable containers with alcoholic drink. They used to be called One-Cup-Sake. The vending machines could be found at streetcorners AND cemetries.

    Comment by stefan landsberger — 12/1/2004 @ 4:54 pm

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