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Up and Running Again

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After a few days wrestling with databases and hosting companies, both of which are complex and temperamental things, all sites that need to be online are online. Chinese-forums.com seems to be running perfectly, though activity levels are low – not suprisingly, as the site was unavailable for almost a week and seems to have taken a pretty big hit in the search engine rankings. It’ll recover. Apologies to those who left comments on here – they went to the moderation queue, and I only saw then 10 minutes ago.

Signese.com suffered slightly more, due to my own carelessness. Basically, I had images with the same name in different cases – ie image.jpg and IMAGE.JPG. This was fine on the server, but when I downloaded to my machine in preparation to upload to another server, Windows ate half of them and I didn’t notice. After a couple of botched rescue attempts by me and a batch rename function, I gave up and started again from the original images. Retitling 247 images wasn’t fun. Also, I wound up with all images available, rather than some set to appear on a daily basis. However, there are now 60 new images from my trip to HK and Guilin set to come up at around two per day for the next month or so.

NewsinChinese.com will also be reappearing soon – it’s had to move to Adsotrans.com‘s server, as running it on shared webhosting was just too problematic.

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  1. Yay! Welcome back.

    Comment by John — 6/15/2005 @ 5:05 pm

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