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姜昕 (Jiang Xin)

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A tip from a friend sent me off hunting for CDs by 姜昕 (Jiang Xin). She was described to me as a kind of female Xu Wei, and the CD I picked up had him listed more than once in the credits. It is similar kind of stuff – guitar driven vocals, nice lyrics if you take the time out to understand them and a style that’s different without trying too hard to be so.

潘多拉 may not be the best of the songs on the album I got, but it’s the most catchy and accessible, and there’s a fair chance you’ll know the story already – just hold on till the end to find out why it wasn’t all the end of the world.

If you like this one and can’t get hold of a CD, try these from Baidu.com’s ever trusty Mp3 Search.

Read on for lyrics in characters and pinyin. I’ve annotated some of the words and phrases.

Pān duō lā,nǐ kui to ba
nǐ b gāi kn h lǐ de dōngxi
nǐ yīnwi hoq rěxi le hu
zhu sī yīdng hu chngf

Pān duō lā,suǒyǒurn dōu hn nǐ
nǐ gāi mngbai nǐ miyǒu zhge qunl
wǒmen de xngf cngcǐ ji nn le
wlnrh libuj wǎnhu

wǒmen zhǐ shngxia xīwng le
suǒyǒu de tngkǔ bdb mindu
nǐ rě de shfēi yě shzi ti d le
shu dōu b hu yunling nǐ

kěsh wǒmen b hu qīngy fngq
suīrn ti duō wnt yo q mindu
yǒule xīwng ji b hu juwng
yǒu xīwng ji yǒu yǒngq mindu

Pān duō lā,kěhn de Pān duō lā
Pān duō lā,nǐ hoqxīn ti d
Pān duō lā,kělin de Pān duō lā
Pān duō lā,nǐ zhīdao cule ma
Pān duō lā,nǐ nndo b huhuǐ
Pān duō lā,nǐ libuj wǎnhu
Pān duō lā,yīqi dōu ti ch le
Pān duō lā,nǐ zhēn de kui to ba

wǒmen bzi diūshī xīwng zh bǎobei
yǒu xīwng ji yǒu yǒngq mindu
wǒ yǐjing liǎojiě le xīwng de lliang
bguǎnzěnyng wǒ dōu b hu hip


  1. I met this Jiang Xi years ago when I was a teenager at university. Our student union invited her to attend our New Year Party and sing a song for us, but she convinced everybody that she owns a completely shameless personality by her amazingly rude and showing-no-respect act. More importantly, her voice was a disaster and pathetic at that time, but since the science and technology developed so fast these days, nothing is impossible to change the appearance of a hollow person.

    Comment by Dong — 9/11/2004 @ 7:43 pm

  2. seriously google could do wt a mp3 search..

    Comment by icyhighs — 1/28/2006 @ 4:38 am

  3. Dong,

    People change. I am not the same person I was in college and I think many people try on different ways of being in the world until they find a style they are comfortable with and which serves them.

    I can only imagine as a female rocker gal in China, there are probably not a many role models.

    She may be as you say, but I don’t think it is wise to go through life judging people harshly from a brief encounter many years ago. You will find the world a much friendlier place if you accept that human beings (which includes me and you) do not always act perfectly — and sometimes shamefully. Sometimes it is not a person’s behavior at all but the we interpret their attitude. A person who is shy can be mistaken for a person who is stuck-up. A person who is nervous cna be taken for one who is arrogant.

    I’d rather just enjoy the gifts that someone offers — this woman is incredibly talented (even with today’s technology she has a style like no other). I will just enjoy that and assume that her personality is like most human beings — imperfect.

    Comment by Rhys — 4/15/2007 @ 1:27 am

  4. Hello! Im a guy from Sweden who just loves this song Theory Of Love from the album Im a Unusual Flower ..first of all its a total ripoff of a song by Swedens biggest rockband Kent..and the song is called Sundance Kid.. having said that i just wanna say that she does this with so much love.. i almost cry everytime i hear her sing though i have no clue what she is singing about since i speak no chinese 🙂 i read that she changed both the title and the lyrics. She has done another cover from the same album by Kent, its called Pärlor..(Pearls) and its on the same album as Theory of Love.. its number 8 on the album i guess… not as goog as Theory of Love.
    I just wanna know more about her.. hehe i think im in love 🙂

    Comment by Daniel Hendin — 11/8/2007 @ 5:39 am

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