Dreams of White Tiles . . .



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Picture taken from a roof garden (more roof than garden to be honest) overlooking Houhai (or Qianhai, or Somethinghai). I’ve been told that digital camera’s are generally poorer in low light. I don’t know if it’s true for all, but it’s certainly true for mine.

New Toy #312

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After about a year of ‘Oh, that might be handy’ and a week of actual research and pricing, I finally picked myself up a PDA last weekend.

Chinese Language School

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I went for a class at Diqiucun, a private language school in Wudaokou on Thursday. I’ve been meaning to go along for a while, as one-to-one lessons can be pricy (especially if you bother to find a teacher actually qualified) and having a few more people around you can actually make stuff much easier.

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