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Fireworks Interviews

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It’s traditional to set off huge quantities of firecrackers at Chinese New Year. However, the spoilsports at Beijing Municipal People’s Dull Government have banned the practice and in the run up to last night’s celebrations the city was plastered with warnings of dire consequences for breachers of the peace, and invitations to grass up your neighbours if you saw (or more likely heard) them up to anything illegal.

As part of a series of interviews on social issues, your roving reporter took to the uncannily peaceful streets last night to ask a number of Beijing citizens what they thought of this strictly enforced ban. Their answers are in this Mp3 file, along with a running translation from yours truly. Right click and choose ‘Save As’ (1.3MB). The recording is decent quality but quite quiet, so I recommend you turn your speaker volume up high before listening, or better yet, put on a nice pair of earphones.

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